About us

Welcome to Tu & kit, a creation born from the innovative mind of renowned hair and makeup artist, Stella Tu. Fueled by years of industry experience and a relentless pursuit of perfection in organizing her makeup essentials, Stella discovered a gap in the market for practical yet elegant solutions. Dissatisfied with the available options, she embarked on a mission to craft Tu&kit.

Each Tu & kit bag is a testament to Stella's dedication to creating the perfect solution. Designed by Stella herself, every bag underwent numerous rounds of trial and error, refined to achieve utmost perfection before being presented to you. Tu&kit is not just a brand; it's a reflection of Stella's commitment to offering meticulously designed, premium organizational solutions.

It's a brand that stems from the very needs of makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Our vision goes beyond meeting individual requirements; it's about simplifying the lives of all who share a passion for makeup.

Every product within the Tu & kit range embodies functionality, style, and convenience. From professionals seeking immaculate organization to beauty aficionados in pursuit of effortless elegance, our collections cater to diverse needs. Join us on this journey to streamline and enhance your makeup experience.

Experience the difference with Tu&kit, where innovation and artistry converge to redefine the standards of makeup organization.

stella Tu